The World celebrates the first World Statistics Day to promote the many achievements of official statistics premised on the core values of service, professionalism and integrity. The WSD serves as a tool to further support the work of statisticians across different settings, cultures, and domains.

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From Theory to Practice

How do businesses manage their data transfer? Legal requirements are in place but too often receive a formalistic acknowledgement.

Effective Workplace Communication

Technology has changed the way we behave.It is not unusual to see a mother pushing a pram across the road whilst texting and the ability to stay in permanent contact places communications at the centre of our existence and blurs our life and work identities.
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Grishka believes that “People are what they eat” and her statement is that “We are here in this world just to enjoy life and to be happy.” She thinks that if a person has a dream, he or she must never give it up because “If you go for what you desire and what you want your dream come true,” and she really means it.
Madeline Perry is one of the top 10 squash WISPA Tour players in the world. She began playing at the age of 11 at a club based in Queens, Halifax and has played professionally for 10 years. Her best results so far have been in the World Open Semi-Final 2008, British Open Final 2009, and Irish Open 2009.


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