According to a survey by the International Data Corporation, up to 40% of Internet access in the workplace is spent on non-work related browsing, and 60% of all online purchases are made during working hours. The same survey also reported that 90% of employees felt the Internet can be addictive, and 41% admitted to personal internet surfing at work for more than three hours per week.

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The managers presented in this section have been placed in their new position by DHR which is ranked #1 in geographic coverage providing global executive search service. Established in 1989, it is the fifth largest retained executive search firm in the U.S.

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Executive search consultants are increasingly becoming trusted consultants and an important link between a company and its candidates. This link creates a deep and long-term relationship which provides consistent value for all parties involved.
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Grishka believes that “People are what they eat” and her statement is that “We are here in this world just to enjoy life and to be happy.” She thinks that if a person has a dream, he or she must never give it up because “If you go for what you desire and what you want your dream come true,” and she really means it.
Madeline Perry is one of the top 10 squash WISPA Tour players in the world. She began playing at the age of 11 at a club based in Queens, Halifax and has played professionally for 10 years. Her best results so far have been in the World Open Semi-Final 2008, British Open Final 2009, and Irish Open 2009.


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