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Striving for recognition

It has taken a long time for women to become recognized as leaders in the art world. There are many examples of women gallerists in history who profoundly impacted the business with their accomplishments.

The Longevity of Historical Brands

During the past years a massive number of new brands have been introduced into the market. Some of them have excelled in the field for over one hundred years or, in some cases, even three hundred. Others disappeared in the blink of an eye. Which key factors determine longevity?

Working Parents: What Do your Children Think?

Children always expect something from their parents. What about working parents? Sometimes just a few pointers are enough to build and maintain a good relationship in families where both parents work.

Strengthen your Design

Investigating how the relationship between companies and designers has evolved over the years. From the ambiguous success of the Panton Chair, to the current and excellent examples of BoConcept and Ikea, up to Fritz Hansen case history from the “voice”of Christian Rasmussen and Kasper Salto.

The DNA of the CFO

The role of the CFO has mutated into a job that puts roots in a higher number of daily enterprise situations. How the CFOs of the future will be leaders in driving and implementing the strategies emerging from the economic downturn?


The characters in this comic strip have been head-hunted and placed in their new positions by Signium International, a global executive search firm.

Excellent Integration: the Rules

The same manager may be perfect for one company and totally wrong for another. The quality of a résumé is as important as personal ability in a specific context

When Your Work is Your Passion

Working doesn’t always mean seating at a desk eight hours a day. Some jobs allow people to cultivate their passions. One example: mountain guides. These mix their love for nature and sports ...

Investing in Culture, the Way Forward

Culture contributes to create a country’s identity, increase its popularity in the World and -- as a consequence-- its tourism industry.

Canteens Befriend Wellbeing

How do people eat in corporate canteens? In the past year we have seen a progressive reorganization of the restaurant industry, which has always adopted the duty to promote correct nutrition, together with food.

Understanding the US Copyright Law

Since our unique passions are always embedded in our work and our style, understanding copyright law in the U.S. allows us to master our intellectual property rights as employees in America as well as internationally.

From Theory to Practice

How do businesses manage their data transfer? Legal requirements are in place but too often receive a formalistic acknowledgement.