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Germany: “The Eagle is Back”

Germany is recovering from the worst post-war recession, with blooming industries such as ICT, nano and bio-technology, energy-efficient mobility and medical engineering.

Paris Still Shines

The French companies “united in their inside to fight” have been able to deal gracefully with these two years of economic crisis, not without carefully calibrated energies and efforts.

The City Between Two Worlds

Old Costantinople is a vibrant, cosmopolitAn and a rising city. A unique city which provides a world of modern life without forgetting its tradition. This new business centre of the Millennium has now more things to offer.

Living On-the-Go

Every morning and evening, they crowd regional trains and roads. With more than two hours a day “spend traveling to and from work”, the number of long-distance commuters is increasing. Back to a mobile lifestyle.

Does Clean Mean Rich?

When “green ideology” meets big money: the eco-business of urban waste management brings many solutions to municipal administration (and good profits for the companies that are investing).

Finance Loves the Arts

Nowadays it is becoming more and more usual for enterprises to support culture in every form, not only in their cities but also in locations where their business has interests. In the article we analyse how Credit Suisse is promoting the arts in London, New York City and Singapore.

The Economical Queen of the US

Denver is a good city where to live. It is full of cultural, culinary and sporting attractions. Due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, the city is a cosy touristic resort for both the summer and winter seasons.

Golden State still Brilliant?

Times are tough in California - new gadgets are still delighting customers, Yosemite is still beautiful and Hollywood is still filling theaters, but the state is facing major economic difficulties.

The Heart of Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is an indescribably unique environment: a cultural melting pot, an experience of nature, and center of the Malaysian economy. It is indeed a link between past and present, with a vision which attempts to include everyone for the future.

The New Renaissance of the Chateaux

Living in a real fairytale castle is no longer a childhood dream. A castle vacation can be true joy for anyone’s senses, breathing in the historic air between ancient walls and discovering the exciting secrets of noble families with a long, rich tradition.

Industrial Heritage Workplaces Revisited as ‘Art Containers’

Over the last three centuries, a long story of complex relationships has existed between ‘Art’ and ‘Industry’.

The ‘New Life’ in Neighborhoods

Looking for new ‘centers’ for building your career, finding plenty of attractive spots to feel at home, where there is the ‘globalization of the local’.