Talks are a series of meetings addressed to people managers and professionals coming from a variety of sectors who get together to discuss a number of different topics. The events are divided into three categories:

We visit cities around the world where we meet a number of professionals both at their workplace or in some of the city’s picturesque locations to discuss how it is to balance work and private life in that specific city.


These are workshops with a maximum of 20 professionals who, together with 2 moderators, discuss the bond between business practice and another topic. In past events we have brought together science and physics with business. Through these scientific disciplines we tried to provide answers to possible organizational and management questions that may arise in companies.


These are roundtables where participant discuss about a specific topic. Each event foresees the presence of a maximum of 25 professionals. Paticipants are guided by a moderator who, giving a number of inputs, engages the audience making these confrontations completely interactive. In the past we talked about emotions at work, leadership, organization, architecture (workplace) and environment and sustainability.